Sunday, August 29, 2010

believe it or not...^^

tomato99 and i made a very last-minute decision last night just before midnight.

within the past 23 hours, we had bought a domain name and gotten the basics of a new BYJ fansite up! do pop over and show us some love, k? better yet, subscribe to the blog and check back often, ya?

the latest (and hopefully, hottest, keke!) bae-site in town is...

Monday, August 16, 2010

i'm moving... S.L.O.W.L.Y.

yea, i'm moving...

scared you abit...? worried that i'm moving on and moving away for good..? good if i did scare you a little, hehe, coz it means this blog does mean something to you.

i've been 'living' here for five years.

yesh! i started blogging in july 2005, and it's been five years and one month (GASP!) never thought i'd actually keep this blog for so long. i used to wonder every now and then if i would run out of stuff to blog about. i guess some of you might think i've run out of things to blog about here, no? truth be told, i've lots to share, but i've been mad busy.

but but but... it's been on my mind to move... for a long time now, i've been wanting to get my own place and do my own thing. i've explored many options and many options offer those so-called blog-importing and stuff. trouble is typically bloggers haven't go this long a blogging history. when i started five years ago, the blogging world ain't exactly very developed, and more people were non-bloggers than bloggers, unlike now. and also, most bloggers don't blog as frequently as i do. i've got something like 3,000 posts to move, and with comments too.

i've tried at least two blogging platform with those supposedly automatic importing of blogs and all, nay, didn't work.

but i'm stubborn and insistent that i wanna move.

so i've decided to take my time and move. will literally go build a new blog and start from scratch, meaning i will be moving post by post in chronological order all the way to 2005 till now. lord knows how long i'll take, but i'm determined to make it happen. i also think five years of blogging history is a long time, and i wanna take the time to re-read some of my old posts. i'll probably not move everything, coz some of them wouldn't be relevant or meaningful now.

it could be months and months before i finish moving everything, so bear with me with me, k?

for now, you've a few options. one, you can just wait till i complete and then start reading me from the new blog. or you can start following my new blog from now and read each old post together with me as i move them, post by post. feel free to comment if you wish to. i'll welcome that very much.

so where am i moving to? well, as i've shared before, i've gotten my own domain and my own blog at, i've created a sub-domain from there for wuri yong joon. so i'll be moving this blog, post by post, to

or you can also type, it will bring you to the same bae blog.

so yea, is my personal blog, and will be my bae-blog.

Friday, August 06, 2010

[non BYJ] a new [blog] read^^

you know, i’ve been toying with this idea for an ultra looooooong time already. i’ve been blogging since july 2005, yea, i’ve just crossed the five-year milestone. considering blogging’s not exactly an age-old thing, that’s really one helluva milestone, ya? i started that as a fanblog for wuri YJ, but along the way, i started sharing my life and my thoughts.

and then last november, i started THE KHJ BLOG. opsies, same thing, somehow i just couldn’t seem to resist putting in my personal tidbits in here, resulting in the creation of the OTA [Off-Topic Alert] category for all my non-KHJ posts, keke! guess some habits really really die hard...

yea, i guess enough is enough and lord knows i’ve stuck at blogging for this long, long enough for me to know this is for keeps. and it’s bothered me that i don’t really have my own space. one is this BYJ fanblog, and one is a KHJ fanblog… although i do feel relatively free to blog my heart out most times, there’re also occasions when i actually take pity on the gals who would come by in search of celeb news and stuff, only to be bombarded by loooooooooong ramblings from me.

and of course, the narcissistic side of me, too, wants to have my own space where i can really blog my life, my heart, my thoughts and even my insecurities and my fears out. it will be entirely my own space and i can paint it whatever colour i want. whoever visits that blog will visit the blog for MY contents, and not because they’re BYJ fans or KHJ fans, but because they’re intrigued and/or interested enough to hear what i wanna say.

i guess this is the perfect time for it too, having completed my five years as a blogger. i just did a count last week. i’d clocked close to 4,000 posts in these five years, and that’s an average of 2.33 posts a day. yea, that’s even more than a full-time blogger. that’s proof enough that i really really really love to write, and that’s proof enough that i can’t get sick of my own writing…

anyway, to celebrate my five-year milestone, i’ve decided to give myself a pressie. my own domain, my own blog.

it’s still terribly new and ‘sparse’ over there, but could you please pretty please pop over and shower me with abit of love? yea, it’s time for a new read^^

YAY! the pink princess is also blogging on (don’t think i didn’t think of registering… i did, i did, i did…!! but it was taken already by some bed & breakfast place called princess *faintz*)

and oh, don’t be surprised at the relative simplicity of that new blog’s entire look and feel. that’s really more representative of me. i’m a very black-and-white type of person, and i like clarity and space, and i like simplicity and for things to be clear and uncomplicated. nothing fanciful, nothing overly hi-tech.

just me and my white canvas, ready to be written on. visit me sometime?

btw i did blog about YJ a couple of days ago on that blog HERE.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

how did i miss this one?

aigoo.... how did i miss this pic???

believe this was shared by style on
BYJGALLERY back in mid june... the original source is HERE.

does anyone know the background of this pic? like the when, where, who, what, and how...?

saw what he's holding in his hand...? i sure hope no one will go ballistic about his personal choice (again)...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

a private convo between fans^^

i was having a conversation with LIEZLE yesterday.

bb: btw i heard that actor YYY looks up to veteran actor ZZZ...

liezle: oh, really? i was hoping he would say he looks up to YJ!

bb: nay... if everyone starts looking up to wuri yong joon, there'll be no actors left in korea! everyone will be writing books or planting crops!

want proof? click
HERE and HERE ^^

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

[non BYJ] moon sori had a miscarriage

just came from japanese fan FLARE's blog.

hmmm... sad news.

remember moon sori? yea, she acted as kiha in TWSSG. she got married some four years ago, and apparently she got pregnant this april. unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage the third month into her pregnancy. she's now resting and recuperating at home.

hope she's fine.

sometimes the mental distraught and stress brought about by a miscarriage is more painful than the physical pain.

want to read back the old stories about this mighty talented actress and wuri yong joon? yea, she's the one he had asked to address him as hyung (a term that's usually reserved for guys to address their older brothers)... anyway, click
HERE to read more.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

okie... LA...?

don't want to mislead anyone, but an anonymous person has left a comment on my blog.

she's shared that the keyeast ceo has said that wuri yong joon is in LA now.

shrugs... maybe... but i also had info that he had some business to do in hawaii. then again, he's been in the states for quite some days now, for all we know, perhaps he has gone to both places...? anyway, guess it doesn't really matter which state he's in (unless you're actually in one of these places and are trying to stalk him, keke!)

i really hope to see him 'back to work' again.... and yea, i know he thinks and he says he's been working everyday, but i mean working on dramas or movies. me wanna see him on the screen, big or small ^^

have a fantabulous week ahead, ladies!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

BYJ recognized for special achievement

original in korean
translated into english
SUEHAN's blog

Bae Yong Joon and ‘1N2D’ Did Not Attend
Award Ceremony of The Stars of the Korean Tourism

2010-07-08 17:30:31

On the eight of July, around 4:40 pm, The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism held the award ceremony of ‘2010 The Stars of The Korean Tourism’ at the Lotte Hotel at Joongu Sogongdong in Seoul

Actor Bae Yong Joon and ‘1N2D’ team of KBS 2TV ‘Happy Sunday’ were chosen as award winners of the achievement sector in the special category, but they didn’t attend the award ceremony.

Currently, Bae Yong Joon is in the United States because of his 13 day schedule in the United States (suehan: I’m not clear on this part. Either he is scheduled to stay for 13days or he is scheduled for something on the 13th), and CEO Shin Pil Soon of Keyeast accepted the award on his behalf.

The team of ‘1N2D’ didn’t attend the award ceremony due to their inside affairs as well.

‘The Stars of The Korean Tourism’ selected the contributors who worked for the development of tourism last year for a total of 10 categories by the on-line voting from the public and the evaluation of specialists after they were recommended.//on-line news team

ps. me wanna take the chance to thank suehan for her tireless effort in bringing us translation of news about wuri yong joon.

it ain't an easy job doing translation, and it ain't an easy job doing this over a long period of time. me thinks we bae fans are kindda blessed to have kind souls such as joanne (quilt) and suehan, and of course, all the others who had and/or are still helping the overseas fans connect with YJ better.

peeps like youngsun, water/soil, gaulsan... and of course, style, and also some of the japanese sisters like tomato, cloud nine, mariko, etc etc etc. can't name 'em all, and can't thank 'em enough.

pps. and oh, believe suehan had said he's in LA.

believe he's in the states alright,

but not LA if i'm not wrong ^^

YJ is a tree...

i had a rather peculiar feeling as i read this particular post that our dear suehan has kindly shared.

since a loooooong time ago, it's so long that i can't even remember when it all started, but i reckon it must have been at least twenty years ago...? i've always had a thing for trees. i can't explain why, but i just like them. especially those tall, towering, strong ones with a crop of widespread branches and leaves in lustrous green, holding up like a big umbrella.

somehow, have always been somewhat fascinated by trees. perhaps this is also why i love the stretch of read leading to our changi airport. the tree-lined road... just lovely.

so when i read this, and learnt about how wuri yong joon had uttered about how a particular tree looked like him, there was a strange feeling inside me. it's strange how life works in such strange ways. is everything connected after all? could it be that our subconscious works in even deeper ways than we'd give 'em credit for...? does my mind actually draw parallels and similarities between (my perception of ) trees and him?

shrugs. maybe i'm just reading too much into things, or thinking too much. and that's not me... i ain't the sort to go philosophical on things, and i ain't one to dwell long on issues and stuff. so hehe, let's just go on ahead and let me repost this particular piece from suehan ^^

reposted from
SUEHAN's blog

Visiting The Tea Expert, Mr Shin Kwang Soo

Original in Japanese:
YASAI's blog
Translated into English: suehan

suehan: I'm just roughly translating the stories that are related to BYJ.

The tea expert, Mr. Shin Kwang Soo who appears on page 195 of BYJ's book,
"The Journey to Discover the Beauty of Korea."

it takes almost 2 hours from the airport to go to a tea expert--Mr. Shin.

We arrived at his house around 4:30 in the afternoon. As soon as we arrived, Mr. Shin took us to his tea field in the mountains.He drove us himself.

He was driving the truck he uses every day for work. On one side, there is a sharp cliff. But when BYJ and his staff visited Mr. Shin, BYJ's Land Rover followed his truck. Later we heard, according to BYJ's staff, BYJ was very expressive while driving on this cliff.

In sight is a pine tree.As BYJ saw this tree, he proclaimed,
"That tree is like me."

After coming back from the tea field, BYJ and Mr. Shin enjoyed conversation together over 23 cups of tea for about six hours.

YJ for dream high

reposted from DRAMABEANS

Dream High scheduled for winter premiere
July 10th, 2010 // by javabeans

Dream High is the name of a drama project that has been in the works for a while now, and after stalling a bit in the planning stages, it is finally now a go for KBS. The project drew some early buzz for the big names behind its production, namely Keyeast (Bae Yong-joon’s company), JYP Entertainment (Park Jin-young’s company), and CJ Media.

The drama takes place at an arts high school and features students pursuing dancing, singing, and acting. Not terribly unlike the university-based What’s Up or, to a lesser extent, The Musical. I wouldn’t say that all these dramas are copying each other because they’ve all been in planning for so long — and they’re hardly the first that take this theme — but I do think there’s something of a zeitgeist that has them all coming out in the same season. It’ll be interesting to see how they compare with each other.

According to the chief of KBS’s drama department, they decided in a meeting to air Dream High at the end of the year or early next year. Next up, they’ll be holding open auditions and heading into production. The drama plans to cast both actors and idol-group members, as well as new faces.


yea, about time too... can't wait to see yong joon on the goggle box again.

there are actually more news articles on this, you may check out suehan's blog, or just click

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

sad day... on park yong ha

i'm probably amongst the last to post this news.

i suppose you gals have read about

sad, isn't it? he's only 32, 33... lots of good happy years ahead of him. no matter if the situation is bad for him now, he's at an age he's young enough to turn it around. why...? why resort to this?

i guess no one will really know what really went through his head during the final moments.

seems like he was already suffering from bouts of depression. yet on good days, he seemed happy enough, cheery enough. though it took him some years to break into the industry and make himself known with the second male lead's role in WLS, he did manage to maintain a certain level of popularity, although more so in japan than korea.

but that said, he was quite good in dramas such as On Air. and with the recent news about him starring in the remake of Tian-Mi-Mi with YEH, i was soooo... looking forward to it.

some said he was never really able to cope well with the stress of a celeb's life, despite the fact that his father's a 'famous' and experienced manager of an ex-actor. and some said it may be financial woes... since he did suffered some when the agency he'd set up some years ago to let his father run failed and folded two years ago. but mostly, people are saying it's filial piety driving him to this. his dad, whom he's extremely close to, suffers from cancer... sighs, it's a sad story.

i know many kpop fans have questioned why on earth he's chosen to end his life instead of staying on to take care of his parents when he said he loved his parents so much. but hey, we ain't him, and most of us do not know what it's like to have depression. and i'm not sure if he's receiving treatment for it.

i know he had close friends in the business, peeps like SSH, SJS and KSW(?) and i also recently found out he's close to jaejoong (of DBSK) and also
MAKNAE KIM HYUNG JUN (of SS501). the picture of SJS crying at the wake was heartbreaking.

but but but i did hear about wuri yong joon going to the salon earlier tonight, and yea, as predicted by many bae-fans, he showed up at park yong ha's wake. i feel almost apologetic that we have to see his 'public appearance' under these sad circumstances, but the bae-blogger in me just have to post these pics.

can see he's had a shorter hairdo now, and it's natural and straight.

i like.

i hate those ajumma curls the most.

here are some of the celebs who were there at the wake today.

and... although i know it's quite hard to expect that this would be the last of suicidal cases coming from the korean showbiz, i seriously hope the artists would be mentally strong. remember how i had blogged about how we should all

please... try to tell yourself that the sad, sorry moments are just that, moments. they will pass. the trick is to just grin and bear it.

and if you see anyone around you suspected of suffering from depression, do try and lend him or her a helping hand. it can kill.

ps. you can also click HERE to read more about park yong ha's suicide.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

YJ met my leader on 24th!

aigOo.... leader's only back in seoul early thursday morning and he's already gone to meet my YJ in the evening...?!!

the two are really
THAT close...? or (dare i hope...?) something's really brewing...?

with the news of
lee hyori leaving Mnet and joining B2M Entertainment (which is rumored to be started by ex-DSP director, ex-DSP managers... & even one ex-SM staff....?) there're also rumors about leader (and two of the boys?) joining B2M... (then again, there're also loads of other rumours about this issue....)

for now, i suggest reading everything with HUGE pinches of salt and do not worry, do not cry, do not fret just trust that he'll do whatever makes most sense to him, okie?

it's his life, and no one knows better what he wants and what he wants to do. also, even if he makes a mistake, or even if he makes a decision that you don't like, please do not ever forget that it's HIS life, not yours, so it's a corollary fact that it's
HIS decision, not yours. he's fully free and entitled to live his life the way he wants it, and to make his own decisions. we are not him, and we do not know what he wants, or what constraints or what-nots he may be facing, or what considerations he has in his mind, and also what options are open to him. just be with him, be there for him, and DO NOT TRY TO BE HIM, k?

i'm kindda abit tired of how fans over-react to the contract issues...

source SODASU103's blog 2010.06.24
reposted from BYJ FAN SUEHAN's blog

Miel in Cheongdamdong


Every time you go to Miel, you run into celebrities. Everyone acts like they aren't paying attention, but they all look. Even I looked too. We all steal looks. Hehehe... That's why Miel is a fun place.

Today, someone we saw was Kim Hyun Joong. He is tall and good looking, and you can tell right away when you see him. Everyone looks at him quietly. He mustn't like it. Everyone starts grabbing their cellphones. I sent a text message to my friend Bokii.

(Everyone must have sent messages like me, right?
"I'm in Miel right now and Kim Hyun Joong is here. He is good looking."

(Reply right away...
"You must be happy that he's good looking.")

After texting back and forth a couple of times, our interest disappeared. And we get deep into our own conversations.

I get a weird feeling from the table next to me. They're Japanese women. They look over at Kim Hyun Joong over and over again.
"Wow, Kim Hyun Joong is very popular," I thought.

After some time, we got up to leave the Cafe. Kim Hyun Joong also got up as well.

Then, the Japanese women had disappeared after we had gotten our check and paid. They must have luggage. How courageous, they must have gone to follow Kim Hyun Joong.

Kim Hyun Joong is in front of us, but the Japanese women aren't talking to him. They aren't even taking glimpses of him. "What is this?" I think.

They say hello to the man wearing a cap who was sitting next to Kim Hyun Joong.
"Huh? What is this?" I think... Who is this?

The person who is smiling at these Japanese women is Yonsama. The guy that is supposedly an absolute God to these Japanese women.

It was Bae Yong Joon.

He smiles pleasantly and greets the Japanese women. On and on... Even as he gets in the car... the women were in shock of how nice he was.

Then, he and Kim Hyun Joong get in the Benz leisurely. Today, I confirmed with my own eyes the popularity of Yonsama. It definitely isn't a lie. I thought that we were dramatic in our country.

But why were the two of them together? Kim Hyun Joong and Yonsama don't go together...


click HERE to get a feel of how classy and beautiful MIEL cafe is. incidentally, it's one of my YJ's fave cafes ^^ he was spotted there earlier this month too, click HERE to read more.

[non BYJ] why postpone happiness...?

believe no one will disagree with me if i were to say all of us want to be happy, or at least be happier. but it’s ironic how we ourselves are often the very stumbling blocks along our own paths towards happiness. yea, we’re always in the way of our own happiness, don’t you think?

take a homemaker for instance. she may have a perfectly loving husband who is her high school sweetheart. save for the occasional quarrels and rows that happen to just about the best of us, they’re really in love with each other. and she has a pair of cute, although extremely noisy, kids. and they live in a four-room flat. but but but… instead of looking at the positive side of things, she chooses to postpone her happiness.

she goes and tells herself, “i’ll be happy when we move into that (more expensive, but smaller in size!) condo in the east.”

she goes and tells herself, “i’ll be happy when my kids are grown up so that i don’t have to worry about them anymore.”

she goes and tells herself, “i’ll be happy when hubby retires in another 20 years’ time and we can go on that (darned!) cruise.”

but why…? why wait till then to be happy when you can be happy now, right this minute? are you really that dissatisfied with the current state of your life that you cannot, simply will not, allow yourself to be happy now? why postpone happiness?

take a young lady who has just graduated from uni and is searching for a job. she’ll tell herself, “i’ll be happy when i can apply for my own credit cards”, “i’ll be happy when i can afford that chanel handbag”, “i’ll be happy when i earn more money than my cousin.”

are these things really so important? are these things really the ONLY things that can make you happy? aren’t there anything else happening in your life right now that you can be thankful and happy about?

what about the fact that you’ve finished school and are now ready to contribute back to the society by applying what you’ve learnt? what about how you’re no longer needing to rely on your parents for allowance and have a wee bit of financial independence? what about being a part of a unit that actually makes things work in an organization? ain’t these things to be happy about too?

i don’t quite understand why so many people like to set conditions or invisible timelines before they allow themselves to be happy. why not be happy now? why postpone happiness?

like how sometimes a woman may have bought a lovely pair of shoes and they’re so lovely that she cannot bear to wear them. so she says, “let me save them for a special occasion…”

but why not wear ‘em anyway and feel special and happy rightaway? your own happiness is in your hands.

yea, shoo..!!

shoo, you, yes you! you’re standing in your own way of being happy.