Wednesday, June 30, 2010

sad day... on park yong ha

i'm probably amongst the last to post this news.

i suppose you gals have read about

sad, isn't it? he's only 32, 33... lots of good happy years ahead of him. no matter if the situation is bad for him now, he's at an age he's young enough to turn it around. why...? why resort to this?

i guess no one will really know what really went through his head during the final moments.

seems like he was already suffering from bouts of depression. yet on good days, he seemed happy enough, cheery enough. though it took him some years to break into the industry and make himself known with the second male lead's role in WLS, he did manage to maintain a certain level of popularity, although more so in japan than korea.

but that said, he was quite good in dramas such as On Air. and with the recent news about him starring in the remake of Tian-Mi-Mi with YEH, i was soooo... looking forward to it.

some said he was never really able to cope well with the stress of a celeb's life, despite the fact that his father's a 'famous' and experienced manager of an ex-actor. and some said it may be financial woes... since he did suffered some when the agency he'd set up some years ago to let his father run failed and folded two years ago. but mostly, people are saying it's filial piety driving him to this. his dad, whom he's extremely close to, suffers from cancer... sighs, it's a sad story.

i know many kpop fans have questioned why on earth he's chosen to end his life instead of staying on to take care of his parents when he said he loved his parents so much. but hey, we ain't him, and most of us do not know what it's like to have depression. and i'm not sure if he's receiving treatment for it.

i know he had close friends in the business, peeps like SSH, SJS and KSW(?) and i also recently found out he's close to jaejoong (of DBSK) and also
MAKNAE KIM HYUNG JUN (of SS501). the picture of SJS crying at the wake was heartbreaking.

but but but i did hear about wuri yong joon going to the salon earlier tonight, and yea, as predicted by many bae-fans, he showed up at park yong ha's wake. i feel almost apologetic that we have to see his 'public appearance' under these sad circumstances, but the bae-blogger in me just have to post these pics.

can see he's had a shorter hairdo now, and it's natural and straight.

i like.

i hate those ajumma curls the most.

here are some of the celebs who were there at the wake today.

and... although i know it's quite hard to expect that this would be the last of suicidal cases coming from the korean showbiz, i seriously hope the artists would be mentally strong. remember how i had blogged about how we should all

please... try to tell yourself that the sad, sorry moments are just that, moments. they will pass. the trick is to just grin and bear it.

and if you see anyone around you suspected of suffering from depression, do try and lend him or her a helping hand. it can kill.

ps. you can also click HERE to read more about park yong ha's suicide.


At 01 July, 2010 05:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talented actor, sweet sining voice, very handsome, what a lost to the world.
But most of all what a lost to himself.

This is to sad, would never have imagine such a thing, it pains my heart.

I can only wish his family his friends peace of mind.


At 01 July, 2010 16:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So sad. He was a talented young man. I read he had insomnia for over 14 years and that in itself can cause all types of depression on top of his father's cancer and financial woes. Problem is with most people of the verge of suicide, they always seem to smile outside and are crying inside. I pray there will be no more. Good article BB.

Mrs A

At 01 July, 2010 18:17, Anonymous Anonymous said... condolences to the family of Park Yong Ha........i know life is so very hard but it's beautiful.

Thanks BB and welcome back i miss your blogging.


At 01 July, 2010 18:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Korean actor found dead
By the CNN Wire Staff
June 30, 2010 -- Updated 1158 GMT (1958 HKT)

just want to share this...

At 01 July, 2010 19:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just want to share this picture of Park Yong Ha!


At 01 July, 2010 23:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So sad..!!
thanks for posting it here BB.
I still love your blog the best.


At 02 July, 2010 05:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I sometimes think about him whats going on with him after Winter Sonata...Lets just pray for his soul to be at peace and hopefully his in Gods army of angels now...

If I have alot of money I would put up a place like a haven for those who are in need spiritually I bet people are really seeking for spiritual guidance and soul strenght to deal with this LIfe.


At 02 July, 2010 05:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello BB:

I myself deal with alot of problems and its really weakening.
it maybe cliche but really you have to draw your strength from GOd yes you have friends and family but it really comes to clearing your mind and helping your soul breath from all the heavy and pain....

When you feel really down have a quiet place with scented candles around and meditate and pray sincerely to God and he will not fail and give you strength for another day....


At 02 July, 2010 21:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear BB and Bae sisters:
Greetings on Independence weekend.
Park Yong Ha has really hit the heart of everybody very hard, specially with the news that South Korea has the highest rate of suicide in the OCDE.
I have discovered that it is service to others, that cures depression and total self-focus.
Please read:
Perhaps we can all grow together in the service to mankind.
Sarang hamnida,

At 03 July, 2010 09:42, Blogger Yoko said...

Hi bb,

Yeah,it was really a sad news that made me shokced. I was not a big fan of him but had believed he would be active in showbiz until he got old. He was talented as others said. As a singer,
I love the theme song of "ALL IN" by him.

But most of all, he appeared in WLS, and that made him so close to me who watched it many times.

Sigh, I just saw him on TV 2 weeks ago or so and thought he was doing well still in Japan.



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